About Cetcom

Precommissioning Tests & Commissioning of
230V to 765kV Systems

We are very proud to introduce our sincere, dedicated, and expressive directors and executives. Since 10 years of project experience in domestic and overseas (UAE-Dubai, Abu dhabi, Sharjah), Saudi arabia, Qatar, yemen, South africa, Kenya, Uganda Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, srilanka & Congo with all major MNC companies as a contractor in electrical testing and commissioning field such as pre commissioning co-ordination, technical assistance, commercial aspects for services and customers relation activities. We trust respect & honor our valuable clients and engineers forever.

Wherever CETCOM works we strive to conduct our business in a good manner reflecting our safety and protection norms. Openness creates opportunities for dialog with our customers, business partners and employees. Finally, we would like to thank all our valuable customers, business partner and employees for their continuous support given to us in our success and achieving our goals.


Current Transformer
Measures Insulation Resistance, Secondary resistance, Ratio accuracy, Knee point voltage (saturation curve), Burden, Tan Delta & Capcitance, Lead resistance, Loop resistance, Single point earthing & Protection and metering circuits.
Potential Transformer
Measures Insulation Resistance, Secondary resistane, Ratio accuracy, Burden, Protectiona nd metering circuits.
Capacitive Voltage Transformer
Measures Insulation Resistance, Secondary resistance, Ratio accuracy, Burden, Tan Delta & Capacitance, Lead resistance, Loop resistacne & Protectionand Metering circuits.
Circuit Breaker
Mechanical - local & Electrical - local/remote control & protection operations, Dynamic contact resistance, Timing, Tan Delta & Capcitance, Closing & Tripping coil healthiness, Auxiliary contacts operation.
Disconnectors & Earthswitchesr
Manual - Local & Electrical - local/remote control operation, Mechanical/Electrical Interlocks, Contact resistance, closing & opening timing, closing & opening coil/motors healthiness.
Power Transformers
Insulation resistance, Winding resistance, Turns Ratio, Magnetic balance, open circuit current, Short circuit Impedance, Polarity, TenDelta & Capacitance of oil and core, Differential & REF stability, RTCC.
Insulation resistance Stator & Rotor Winding resistacne, Open circuit, Short Circuit, Short circuit current, AVR(including lamp load test), Differential stability & Generator protection.
Insulation resistance winding resistance, Vibration, RPM, Temperature, No load & Load test, Delta star change over, Soft starters, Differential and motor protections.
Lightning Arrester
Leakage Current Measurement (LCM), Insulation resistacne, Counter operation.
Battery & Battery Charger
Gravity & voltage measurement for individual cell, Load test of Battery Bank, Charger operation.


OUR POTENTIALS : Expertise & vast experience in testing and commissioning excellent quality related engineering solution and service, man power assistance for all work. We work in close co-ordination with the clients with a clear understanding of their project requirements and ensure completion targets are achieved with in the desired time. CETCOM respond immediately to the client requirements 7x24 hrs feedback, suggestions and complaints.


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